Let’s go! Second contract in execution.

Since January 11th 2021 Deckert Consult is executing a follow-up contract for several months.
An international construction consortium will be technically and economically advised by Deckert Consult during the execution of a tunnel project in Scandinavia.

Thus Deckert Consult has been assigned from initial classic consulting services to more advanced consulting services. In the classic consulting assignment a lot of project knowledge has already been acquired and in the previous customer relationship an enormously important relationship of trust has grown. This often results in cause and effect at the same time: advanced consulting can be implemented efficiently.

In compliance with the country-specific conditions imposed by the Corona pandemic, almost the entire consulting service is provided on site – in order to be close and direct to the acting and responsible persons.

Christian Deckert

I speak construction and I am a personal and professional consultant for my clients.

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