Further contract for bid processing on the Brenner Base Tunnel

New contract in progress.

One of Europe’s most important transport projects is being built under the Alps: the Brenner Base Tunnel. It will enable a modal shift from road to rail. 

In the first half of 2022, Deckert Consult GmbH receives the order to support an internationally active construction group in the bidding process for the last large main construction lot of the Brenner Base Tunnel. 

The main focus of the consulting services for this project worth a billion of Euros are assessments of the key points of the tender, the legal and technical contract provisions, the construction processes and construction logistics, geological fault zones in complex geology, special questions regarding geotechnical injections and exploration measures as well as consulting services for the optimization of more than 30 km of conventional as well as mechanized tunnel driving. 

Thus, Deckert Consult GmbH again provides consulting services within the scope of acquisition or technical bid processing of a construction group – in this case for the last large main construction lot of the Brenner Base Tunnel. This construction lot was awarded by BBT SE in the 2nd quarter of 2023. Completion of this construction lot and thus completion of the shell of the entire Brenner Base Tunnel is scheduled for 2029. 

The expansion of the Brenner north approach between Munich and Kiefersfelden on the Bavarian side as a further building block for the traffic turnaround in the Alpine region is still in the regional planning procedure or in planning detail. 

The railroad is one of the decisive factors for active climate protection. The expansion of this rail link between Munich and Verona is of central importance for achieving the climate protection targets in Europe. Less than four hours for the rail journey from Munich to Verona: The Brenner Base Tunnel and the new northern approach make this mobility promise possible.

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