Consulting on New Contract Models

New contract. Since fall 2021, Deckert Consult GmbH has been advising a major public client on New Contract Models to realize a complex large-scale project more successfully.

More and more frequently, the desire among construction participants and public clients to argue less and to build more again is gaining ground. Often the usual construction contracts are cited as an obstacle here.

Deckert Consult GmbH brings a high degree of experience and expert knowledge to New Contract Models (so-called partnering, alliance or IPD contracts) to enable a fairer cooperation in construction for complex projects.

Furthermore, Deckert Consult GmbH has been actively involved as a sponsor of the IPD Center since 2020 to help project participants in the construction industry to apply and successfully implement Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) for complex construction projects.

The expertise gained from this activity can be incorporated into your projects, right from the start. In the medium and long term, new construction contracts can be concluded that do not end up in court, but are implemented efficiently and transparently with joint responsibility of all parties involved.

Christian Deckert

I speak construction and I am a personal and professional consultant for my clients.

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