The following fields of consulting are offered in management consulting:

  • In managment consulting: Company and construction site organisation as well as process consulting (Organisation and cooperation of headquarters, technical and commercial departments and construction sites. Networking, communication, optimisation, change management, compliance).
  • In strategy consulting: Business development consulting (analyses of consolidation and expansion of the business unit, new business areas and partners).
  • Consulting on digital transformation in the construction industry (BIM (Building Information Modelling) = building data modelling, digital communication, networking and cloud applications).

Advanced consulting services are usually, but not necessarily, based on classic consulting services in construction management and construction operation, as the processing of an initial consulting project opens up a view of the bigger picture.

Customers in the construction industry are increasingly recognizing the great potential of improvements in their processes and organisation to address fundamental structural problems or bottlenecks that have arisen – and thus to combat the general cause of problems.