IPA / IPD…where, how, what?

IPA enables us “construction” people to deal with each other honestly, openly and fairly in our complex day-to-day construction work, while moving the project forward together and in a spirit of trust. Just another phrase? No, quite the opposite, we are convinced of it, and experience from IPA projects already implemented in Germany impressively proves it.

We don’t banish bilateral contract models – with competent construction partners and positive project management, the contract folders can stay in the cupboard more often. But the much better coordinated interaction of client, architect, planner and construction company towards a common economic goal brings back the joy of construction with much more power with IPA / IPD! 

We “IPA users” are realists and not esotericists. The eternal quarrel and the “blame game” have no place on construction sites. They are NOT inherent in the system – we have just become too accustomed to them. But we also don’t have to build circles of chairs and constantly agree on every state of mind in order to achieve better and more beautiful results with IPA / IPD. The treasure and the potential of IPA / IPD is the togetherness, the trust, the communicating, the being allowed to be open, the star is THE TEAM!

Here we would like to further encourage public as well as private clients to approach Integrated Project Delivery for new projects. IPA / IPD offers enormous potential even for complex construction projects, but it requires the courage and will to change and a fair bit of initial confidence in the new delivery model. Doubts and worries can be dispelled by clear answers and comprehensive information about IPA. Have the courage and start.

Deckert Consult promotes and supports the application and implementation of this partnership model in construction from deep conviction – from our own experience in bilateral as well as partnership contract models. We have been a sponsor of the IPA Center since 2020 and are actively involved in two expert groups on a regular basis. We have been supporting public clients in Germany and abroad in the establishment and application of strategic partnership models since 2021. 

We would like to refer you to the website of the IPA Center (ipa-zentrum.de/wissen/). In the meantime, a knowledge collection has been created there from the work of our specialist groups and can be accessed “open source” by anyone. This will be further updated in the coming months and should make it easier for you to get started in the IPA / IPD world. Have fun with it!

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Christian Deckert

I speak construction and I am a personal and professional consultant for my clients.

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