Deckert Consult: Added value. Detailed analysis, Language: construction, Person: out-and-out construction, From one single source

Management consultancy and expert / engineering office for construction management and construction operation from one single source.

Almost every construction project is a complex prototype and unique. There is no question of series production like in the automotive industry, which always works according to the same specifications.

In this complexity I can offer help. Help and support in planning or execution, because upcoming or already arisen problems cannot or only with difficulty be mastered by own strength in the given time frame.

What great advantage do I offer my customers in addition to my many years of experience? The ability of an efficient and comprehensive detailed analysis of construction projects with people, numbers and data. But also a fundamental improvement of undesirable developments that goes beyond the scope of the project.

In my basic work, the classical consulting in construction management and construction operations, I am qualitatively excellent and completely prepared on a professional level. I combine technical expertise with specialist economic and contractual knowledge. Geotechnical engineering is a special field which I cover due to my studies of engineering geology.

In the more than 20 years I have worked in construction companies, I have tackled all the many technical and commercial issues in management, staff and operations that ultimately make for successful construction and make both clients and contractors happy. But this also means that I am familiar with the many hurdles, obstacles and problematic developments that everyone wants to get around. And require positive energy and staying power.

There is an increasing demand and need for all those involved in construction to professionally develop and optimise themselves as an organisation in competition. Both to be attractive for customers and employees and to meet the digital changes.

Hereof derives the advanced approach of Deckert Consult GmbH:

In addition to the classical consulting topics in construction management and construction operations, advanced consulting services for organisational development are offered from one source – usually with the specific project knowledge acquired and an enormously important relationship of trust already established.

The performance promise to the customer is therefore also not to leave him alone with his problems in the medium and long term. The aim is clearly to achieve long-term customer loyalty. In most cases, systemic improvements can then be identified and implemented.

The language I speak is not only German, English or French, but above all the language of Construction. I am not only an uninvolved consultant, but also a consultant with my sleeves rolled up. I accompany the client efficiently in the implementation and strike the right note. This also applies to international clients and mediations.

In addition, the construction language is important in all questions concerning digital transformation. For example, it is not about explaining to customers how the various software packages for BIM (=building data modeling) work. Rather, the aim is to show the individual customer on site which digital application is useful and practicable for him at what time. For example, what added value is created for them through digital communication channels outside of the classic e-mail and how they can actually become more efficient in their process flows and organisational structures, thereby saving money and time on all their construction sites and projects.