• What can Deckert Consult help me with?

    Deckert Consult offers personal and individual consulting for public construction, private construction companies and other parties involved in all phases of their projects. A classical consulting assignment can be the analysis of tender documents or the evaluation of bids. Or by which means the completion date of a railway project can still be kept. In advanced consulting, processes and the organisation can be examined in order to tackle the general cause of the above-mentioned completion problem in a sustainable manner.

  • Which building sectors does the company cover?

    Our company builds on experience in tunneling (TBM and NATM tunneling, hard and soft rock material), infrastructure construction, foundation engineering, hydroelectric power plant construction and mining. Building construction,
    Commercial building or equipment technology cannot be operated.

  • Is Deckert Consult GmbH a management consultancy or an expert / engineering office?

    Deckert Consult advises clients in the construction industry on organisational or process development. Deckert Consult also advises its clients on all technical, contractual and economic questions and problems. In doing so we do not plan ourselves and we also do not execute. We also do not replace legal advice.

  • Which project sizes and countries are covered?

    Both large and small projects have their challenges. Projects outside the area of Germany, Austria and Switzerland are also interesting. However, existing partnerships with other consulting offices may extend the scope. Please contact us.

  • Is Deckert Consult a project controller?

    We do not act as the client's representative. From the field of construction management we offer consulting services to companies and public clients for the efficient management of their construction projects. This can start in the planning or set-up phase of a construction site, but also for already running projects.